Guild area update – upcoming patch

Rescue Wars Online – Changes 1.0.1 GUILD AREA Upcoming patch.

Guild area will no longer be a small confined place.

The guild building area will be a larger world in itself, where players or guilds, are in control.

The main objective is for the rescue team to rebuild the rescue city, but also a place of adventure, danger, exploration and secrets.

The rescue missions from the space station will give the sense of exploring and saving the lost rescue citizens around the galaxy, in faster progressing missions, that usually reward rare building materials, blueprints, and gear.

Where the larger guild building world, will give the unique experience of actually building the cites, towns, outposts, etc that a normal world would contain.

Because the rescue city was destroyed, it’s now the player’s mission to rebuild it as they please.

Each guild world will then be uniquely built, and no city and area will be the same.

If guilds want to be creative and spend hours making the perfect world together, or if they just want a small camp. This will be up to the individual guild of players.

We will make it attractive for players to rebuild the city, by giving players special rewards for building them. From Exp boosts, Banks” storage”, special buffs, Food, potions, enchantments, cosmetic good looking towns. Portals to other dimensions. Spawn points. Rescue coin farming, etc.

We will not leave the players with an empty cosmetic feeling only, but rewarding them with an amazing looking town and awesome rewards.

When adventuring out in the guild world, players might encounter dangers, farming spots worth building close to, or other points of interests.

The guild building area, will then give a good feeling of exploration and adventure out in a new world, as well as a base to go back and build on after completing rescue missions.

The guild building area might also have bigger dangers, that will need the entire guilds to help to fight and complete.

Where rescue missions will be small groups of 4 players, adventuring out to safe rescue citizens lost around the galaxy.

Stay tuned for more updates –

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