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What is Rescue Wars Online?

A sentient evil coffee machine has risen to power. Naturally, it’s turning animals into robots for an evil army with the single aim of conquering the peace (and animals!) of the rescue city. It’s up to you now, dear gamer, to answer the call.


Stop the Evil Coffee Machine. Save the rescue city, and rescue the animals.

Beginning as a Rescue Recruit freshfrom training, you’ll join the Rescue Team aboard the mighty space stationISS Anton, after the rescue city, was destroyed.

Who are the Rescue Team?

Think of us as an elite band of space faring teddy bears tasked with protecting the all-important Tree of Life and all thegalaxy’s creatures.

The station is the headquarters and social hub for team-members like you, and you’ll relax here between your vital missions and hopefully soak up some of the wisdom of the transcendent andancient Anton. Who is a camel. He also runs the station and guides the bears on their righteous quest.

You’ll play Rescue Wars Online (RWO)as a fun, online multiplayer experience. RWO is fully integrated into the PlayRescue Livestream through our bespoke, purpose-built extension,giving us access to one of the most active gamer communities online today.

Playable on PC with extra features available through the mobile app, your focus will be on rescue missions and collecting blueprints and resources that will aid you in your quest to rebuild the beloved rescued city.

Viewers on our Twitch stream will earn the in-game currency, Rescue Coins(RC), either by watching Play Rescue or contributing ‘Bits’ through the extension.

With RC, players can buy cool in-gameitems to customize their character and rescue zoo to build an online identity unique to them.

Ultimately you can think about Rescue Wars Online, as a social streaming game, where the goal is to help the rescue zoo and animals in general.

Instead of a normal commercial released game, Rescue Wars Online will only let in smaller numbers of players in from the community. Giving a unique community-based game experience, where we make the rules and engaged with the viewers in a different and new way.

You can almost think about Rescue Wars Online, as a private server of a game made for the community, but instead of picking an already commercial game, we made our own.

Our vision is to open up different community servers for different streamers, giving them a limited number of seats to enter the game. The viewers who will not get into the game can still have a way of interaction with the world through donations to the rescue animal foundation.

Charitable donations will interact with the game world in different ways, like Spawn a mob to tease the streamer, or spawn a position to help the streamer.

Ultimately the more the different communities raise for the rescue animals, the more seats of players can be locked in from the communities to actually play the game, and the more custom items, objects and gear can we develop for each individual communities.

Stay tuned for more alpha streams of Rescue Wars Online on our main channel

and even more info in the future on

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