What is the rescue zoo?

In 2013, Odsherred Zoo Rescue took the leap and
became the only rescue center for exotic animals
in Denmark. Since then, the rescue zoo has taken
in animals needing a home from transit rescue
centers across Europe.

Working with Stichting AAP, Odsherred Zoo Rescue has become an oasis
of hope for over 600 animals of over 120 species.
Because taking in exotic animals brings with it
all the costs of transportation, medicine, and the
construction of adequate facilities (not to mention
the ongoing day-to-day care of the animals
themselves) rescue centers often struggle with
underfunding, caught between their desire to help
and their financial means to do so.

For now, Odsherred Zoo Rescue relies jointly
on ticket money, charitable donations, and
a little extra support generously provided by The Stichting AAP Foundation.

Even with these sources of support, keeping up with the roughly
$45,000USD per month needed to continue the
vital work of caring for vulnerable rescue animals
is a mammoth task.

For example, Stichting AAP is currently hosting
a large number of baboons and Odsherred Zoo
Rescue has accepted the task of giving them
a forever home. The construction of their new
enclosure is underway. However, completing
the work and caring for the baboons will require
significant resources.

100% of Play Rescue profits go directly to
Odsherred Zoo Rescue. By contributing to Rescue
Wars Online (RWO) and Play Rescue, you can help
the Odsherred Zoo Rescue protect and care for
vulnerable animals for generations to come.

You can read more about the rescue zoo at

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